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Welcome to my page! In order to move on to generator, just click “Go to Generator” down below. If you want to read more about Mobile Legends Hack 2016, then you are welcome to do that. Thanks to my page you can add battle points and diamonds to your Mobile Legends account. The method is very simple, you just click the button that will move you to Mobile Legends Hack and there you enter account name, choose Android or iOS and click next. Then, you will be moved to the next window, where you can add values to your account in Mobile Legends. Choose proxy protection option and choose how much resources in the form of battle points and diamonds Mobile Legends Diamonds Hack will add to your account. Once everything is ready, click “generate”. You will see that Mobile Legends Hack android works, and after that wait a moment. After you finished adding gems and essences, there will be the verification window. There, you have to prove you are a human. You will be asked to download two applications, installing them, and launching for 40 seconds. If you do that, the system will verify your humanity and battle points and diamonds will appear on your Mobile Legends account. Everything is shown in video tutorial to which link can be found below.

Join to your friends with the newest MOBA in 5v5 fights against real opponents. It’s Mobile Legends! Choose your favourite heroes and build the perfect team with your comrades! 10-minute fights, playing on the lane, in the jungle, rushing, teamfights, all the fun from MOBA on PCs and action games now available in your phone! Feed your eSport spirit! Mobile Legends, a new mobile game is an eSport masterpiece of 2016! Find the enemies with the simple tap of your finger and compete for the crown of the stronger Challenger! The game offers:
1. Classic 5v5 MOBA maps Real time 5v5 combats against real opponents. The fight on 3 lanes in order to get the enemy’s turret, 4 areas of jungle, 18 turrets, and two bosses in the jungle. Complete reproduction of classic MOBA games, always in 5v5.
2. Win thanks to team work and strategy Block the damage, control your enemy, and heal your allies! Various character classes: tanks, mages, marksmen, assassins, or supports. Choose one of them and help your team or achieve MVP of the match! New characters are constantly being added!
3. Fair play, lead your team to the victory! Similarly to classic MOBA games, there is no way to train your heroes or pay for their attributes. The winners and losers are set based on the skill of the players in fair, balanced manner.
4. Simple controls, easy to master With virtual joystick on the left and skills on the right, two fingers – that’s all you need to become the master!
5. 10 seconds for acceptation, 10-minute matches Matchmaking takes only 10 seconds and the battles 10 minutes. No more boring early games, just to get level and join to intense team fights later on. No more boring waiting and repeated farming. More exciting plays and leading your team to the victory. In every place in every moment – just turn on your smartphone, launch the game and delve into the heart of competitive MOBA game!

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Human Verification

Before we can add resources to your account we need to VERIFY that you are human and not an automated bot. This helps us regulate and prevent abuse of the hack.

  1. Choose one offer below.
  2. Download any app.
  3. Check your DC Legends account for the resources.

The selected resources will be automatically added to your account upon completion.